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It starts with a call to our sales staff and progresses from there. We want to treat you as we like to be treated. Prompt response with needed information with honest estimating and scheduling are not taken lightly. We know that repeat business is the reward of high quality products and service.

Hardware and the machining preparation, disguised as a simple process, can corrupt a lot of good work and effort. Here at Northstar we ruthlessly defend the innocent from a vast plethora of nasty half baked functional hardware “Rube Goldbergs” lurking behind every corner. Once we are confident, we then machine with CNC precision all the necessary hardware to complete the project.

Our shipping approach will vary depending on order size and project location.  Whether it’s a container, complete trailer, or crating, we spend a great deal of attention in this area to be absolutely certain our products arrive in the same, perfect condition they leave our shop. Whether we screw, band, block, or tie, we’re prepared.



This is where we really bring it all together. Our construction methods consider factors such as materials, environmental exposure, aesthetic and functional expectations. We employ mortise and tenon joinery, type 1 adhesives, accurate and constant moisture evaluation and many other considerations. Whenever possible veneers are used with solid engineered core which gives improved stability, and color and grain matching that would otherwise be impossible with solid wood. As an added bonus, but a very important component to this method, we stretch our natural resources. We all want beautiful wood but also know we have a responsibility to preserve and manage our forests. Because using veneers requires much less “at risk” materials, we honestly contribute to that end. 

Each project is provided with detailed shop drawings accurately depicting all sizes, profiles, materials, functions, and applications. Our AutoCAD drawings are widely appreciated by both architects and contractors as some of the highest quality diagrams they’ve worked with within the industry. If you are looking for help with details we have a vast array accessible from our website or we can e-mail details to you. 

Reinvestment is a hallmark of business longevity. As such we continually upgrade our equipment allowing us a degree of precision virtually impossible 20 years ago. Not only does this keep us competitive in a global market but our reputation for fit and finish is widely acknowledged among the best.