Northstar WoodWorks
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Ferndale, WA 98248


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Founded in 1979, Northstar Woodworks is recognized as one of the one of the premier custom door and window shops on the west coast with the capacity to handle most any residential or commercial project imagined.

Our craft brings together the ancient art of woodworking with 21st century technology to create doors and windows of timeless beauty and contemporary functionality. We often become involved in the design process and can share with you what our years of fenestration experience has taught us. Nothing except our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is etched in stone.

Construction methods consider factors such as the material choice, environmental exposure and the application expectations. We employ mortise and tenon joinery, type 1 adhesives, accurate and constant moisture evaluation and many other considerations in our processes. Whenever possible veneers are used over solid engineered core which gives improved stability, and color and grain matching that would otherwise be impossible with solid wood. As an added bonus, but a very important component to this method, we stretch our natural resources. We all want beautiful wood but also know we have a responsibility to preserve and manage our forests. Because using veneers requires much less “at risk” materials, we honestly contribute to that end.

Each project is provided with detailed shop drawings accurately depicting all sizes, profiles, materials, functions, and applications. Our AutoCAD drawings are widely appreciated by both architects and contractors as some of the highest quality diagrams they’ve worked with in the industry. If you are looking for details we have a vast array accessible from our website or we can e-mail details to you.

Our shipping approach will vary depending on order size and project location. Whether container, nose loading a trailer, or crating, we spend a great deal of attention in this area to be absolutely certain our products arrive in the same, perfect, condition they leave our shop. Screw, band, block, or tie, we’re prepared.

And last but not least, our people. Most of whom have been with Northstar for many years and so they are highly skilled in the work we do. Each takes great pride in producing the highest quality products and being responsive to the needs of our client. It is this commitment that truly brings to life our desire to be the best.