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Ferndale, WA 98248


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NorthStar WoodworksFounded in 1980 and located in the northwest corner of Washington State, Northstar Woodworks is recognized as one of the premier custom door and window shops on the west coast. With the capacity and experience to handle most residential projects, our journey has brought us into some of the finest homes being built today.

Our craft brings together the ancient art of woodworking with 21st century technology to create doors and windows of timeless beauty and contemporary functionality.Northstar Woodworks Custom Doors and Windows We often become involved in the design process and can share with you what our years of fenestration experience has taught us.  Nothing except our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is etched in stone.

The craftsmen, most of whom have been with Northstar for many years, are highly skilled in the work we do.  Each takes great pride in producing the highest quality products and being responsive to the needs of our client.  It is this commitment that truly brings to life our desire to be the best we can be.



As builders of luxury homes and wineries, it is imperative for us to seek out and work with companies that hold our same philosophy toward workmanship, uncompromising quality and commitment to our clients. When I first met Frank Chambers of Northstar Woodworks in 1999 it was immediately apparent that we spoke the same language.  Since then, we have worked together consistently on a multitude of diverse projects. I hold Northstar Woodworks in the highest regard as a company I can always count on for high quality, integrity, and resourcefulness.  It has been, and will continue to be, a pleasure to work with this company that is dedicated to the art and excellence of their work.”
Mark Grassi, Grassi Construction

Walker Warner Architects aspires to create enduring residential architecture that inspires living with a reverence for craft. In order to succeed, we are in constant search of partners and collaborators that support this vision and goal. We began working with Northstar Woodworks in the mid-1990’s and have found a trusted partner in the essential realm of door and window design and construction. Together we have built a lasting relationship that has resulted in many very successful projects. In addition to their dedication for quality and craft, we have found Northstar to be a company of utmost integrity and commitment, both of which we greatly respect, value and most importantly…appreciate.
Greg Warner, Partner
Walker Warner Architects

NorthStar WoodWorks is professional in approach, cooperative in demeanor, meticulous in detail and dependable in the delivery of their product. In short, they are unlike any other millwork contractor that our firm has dealt with. NorthStar is positive and solution oriented.”
Tyler Engle, Architect

I have worked closely with NorthStar Woodworks for many years. I have been continually impressed with their level of professionalism, craftsmanship, detail, artistry, and technique. On each level, I can think of many examples that stand out in my mind.

I have always looked up to the people at NorthStar Woodworks and considered them the leaders in the woodworking business.”
Paul J. Moceri, President
Moceri Construction, Inc.

As a repeat customer of NorthStar Woodworks, I feel qualified to describe their work. My further qualifications come from my work history as an art director as well as the owner of a product development and engineering company where details in execution make the difference between good…excellent..or elegant.

The work from NorthStar Woodworks is elegant. And their attention to detail is not limited to their product but has always extended into the manner in which they have dealt with me as a customer.

I give them the highest recommendation possible.”
Donald J. Stern, Homeowner

Dealing with NorthStar Woodworks, Inc. is like a breath of fresh air. Their craftsmanship and quality standards are at the pinnacle of the industry.

NorthStar and architectural premium products are synonymous.”
Gene Terrel, President
Sound Forest Products, Inc.